St. Francis

We were contacted last fall about doing a custom mosaic wall art piece featuring St. Francis.  We think he looks great in his new home!  

St Francis  from Norell icm_fullxfull.75025778_o47hujzdcc0o0kws8s4o.jpg


The process started with a few emails discussing design elements and then we presented our client with a sketch to approve.


Then we brought the sketch to life in raw clay.


Then the pieces went into the kiln for the first firing.


Below the pieces were reassembled and ready to receive coats of underglaze.


Here is the reassembled piece again after its second firing.


And, below, shown prior to grouting, but after raku firing and mosaic embellishments.


And, here is the artwork in place.  What a beautiful home!  We really enjoyed working on this project and with such a great client!  See more of our mosaic wall art here.