Romy Kissel and Clare Backer Bies       Photo by Carolyn Mowat    

Romy Kissel and Clare Backer Bies


Photo by Carolyn Mowat


Collaboration is key

Romy and Clare Creative Clay began in 1995, but a lifelong friendship led us to this creative union. Our parents grew up together as friends and were in each others weddings. 

After college - Romy attended Herron School of Art and Clare graduated from DePauw University with a BA in Studio Art, we did our own things, traveled, and we both eventually made it back to Jasper, IN.

That's when we started putting bright glaze to clay and gave the pieces to family and friends as gifts. We sold at local shops and art fairs, but mainly...friends told friends and Romy and Clare Creative Clay was born. 

And now more than nineteen years later, here we are, a little older, with new responsibilities, like children, trying to juggle the challenges of modern day life as working mothers. Amidst the juggle we brought in Carolyn to help us with photography and keeping our online shop up-to-date. Carolyn and Clare go way back to the days of Clare’s sister’s grade school sleepovers. You may bump into her as she helps keep our shop humming along.

Outside of a little frame-building and woodworking done by a local retired banker, we design, paint, bead, and/or sew all of our pieces in our studio...a hundred year old grainery deep in the corn and soybean fields of southern Indiana. 

With the spirit of fun and friendship, we hope that you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating each piece.

Romy and Clare


Outside of our studio work, we consider ourselves very fortunate that we are able to work as licensed artists with DEMDACO, a company who specializes in products that lift the spirit and helps people connect in meaningful ways.  

In conjunction with DEMDACO, we are able to design a variety of home decor, interior accents, gift ware, jewelry, and accessories.